Personal Loan: How to protect yourself from fraud? – Low interest

Currently, there are numerous types of fraud that can be committed in credit operations. Credit cards and loans are the lines of credit with the most fraud complaints, this is because fraudsters invent every day a new way to apply the blow against the consumer. To avoid these problems, one must always be alert to the signs of what a blow is or is not.

Although some signs are characteristic of fraud, such as the “easy loan” or even the “loan that does not consult the SPC and Serasa,” many people still fall into these scams for not being prepared to face such fraud. Here’s what you can do to avoid having a fraud on a personal loan:

Beware of personal information

Beware of personal information

Often when surfing the internet we come across some tabs to “update” or even “confirm” documents and personal information. Such a request often confuses those who wish to acquire a personal loan by having the person provide information such as document numbers, bank information and other personal information.

In addition, sometimes requests to update or confirm information are sent by e-mail using a false image from a credit company. This type of fraud still extends and can reach the telephone, where the fraudster asks the person to report number of documents, bank account, among other information.

To guard against such fraud, always be aware of the requests you receive and never provide personal information to suspicious websites, emails or phone calls.

Usually, serious companies that work with personal loans do not solicit personal information in a dubious way, everything is done in the own site or in the physical agency. Understand more about the Personal Loan, read:

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Be wary before signing a contract

Be wary before signing a contract

You know that old story that says, “is it too good to be true”? Yes, most of the time this is the reality. If you have found interest rates lower than normal, no bureaucracy or credit without consultation, be wary. The more scams applied on personal loans are accompanied by false promises and discounts.

Check your bank statements and credit operations

Check your bank statements and credit operations

Even without providing any personal information in suspicious situations, there is still a chance that your name has been fraudulent in some credit operation. This is because fraudsters can acquire personal information through cross-information, such as on cloned sites.

However, this scam can be easily seen if you have control over your bank accounts and your credit operations in the last few days. For this you only need to consult your bank statement about twice a week in order to conclude that nothing was taken from you without you noticing.

Regarding the acquisition of credit, it is always best to check lists with names of defaulters, as is the case of SPC and Serasa, and check on the Serasa Experian website where the number is your Score Credit. In addition, it is important to remember that in the case of pensioners, retirees and public servants, you must check the credit detail of your bank account to identify any type of loan that has not been authorized by you.

On April 26, 2018, the National Monetary Council announced the approval of resolutions that allow new financial technology companies (so-called Financial Technologiess) to operate more independently.

What is expected is that the regulation will promote an increase in the offer of credit services in the digital sphere and, with the greater competition against the traditional banks and financial institutions, a drop in the high interest rates for loans and financing in Brazil.

However, this measure raises the challenge of making the population interact in a healthy way with new technologies in finance. We must remember the number of frauds and scams that happen daily with consumers and such an expansion requires double-minded care.

It is very important to research before doing credit operations and never forget to do simulations before closing deal. And if you want to know more and understand more deeply all the factors and impacts of Financial Technologiess, check this text.